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A day in the life of a child at VPK


 As another day starts, the children are given a great big hello of a welcome from the early morning nursery team. Its the early risers breakfast time.

8.00am onwards
Once mum and dad have been waved off, it's straight into the children's own choice of activity in their own rooms. Today in the Sunbeam room, it's creative play painting - a chance to get messy and have some fun with printing, collage or clay.


 Its morning snack time. .........what will we have today? Decisions!

Imagine you're an aeroplane pilot, a deep sea diver, a ballerina, a shopkeeper or an astronaut. What would you wear? How would you act? This is when we really feed their imagination.

If your child has the appropriate clothing, it's time to enjoy some fresh air, rain and sun as we run, skip and climb. The children don't know it of course, but even here they're learning - all about co-ordination, control and moving safely. It may also be the day for a trip on our fifteen seater funbus to somewhere further afield. We may feed the ducks and pet snakes or maybe just even look for bugs.


Time to wash our hands before lunch. Wash, wash, wash your hands. Wash the germs away, tra la lala .

The fun and learning doesn't stop just because it's time to eat. It's also time to learn the value of healthy eating; time to learn those all-important table manners. It time to socialise with all our friends.


Time for a rest, its been an exciting morning, now we need a nap in the Sunbeam and Under 2's rooms. 

Let's get down to some serious playtime! This is when the children get to experiment with all sorts of wonderful things, like wet and dry sand, tools and soft materials. This is also toothbrushing time....after all we are a SMILE accredited nursery.

Now comes the noisy bit. Listening and responding to music - and playing it too - is a great form of personal expression. The staff teach us how to bust some moves on the dance floor!

Let's all tie our shoe laces! And discover other ways to perfect that all-important hand-to-eye co-ordination. Stand in line and get ready for some garden play and learn about the environment.

It's story time. Whether it's listening, creating or interacting with words and pictures, this is literary appreciation at its most fun.

5.30pm onwards
Home time. So what has your child been up to today? They'll soon tell you all about it and so will the staff:-)

And we haven't even mentioned our regular visits to libraries, parks and museums....

This is only some of what is happening during the day and it varies from room to room. Each Room has their own food menu and routine of the day.